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Welcome to the Ogema Wiki, a wiki dedicated to OGEMA. This place is intended to be a place for developers and people with a technical interest in OGEMA. It contains an overview over what OGEMA contains, installation and running instructions, and information how to develop applications and drivers.





Latest Release2.1.0
Latest Tag2.1.0
Development Version2.1.1-SNAPSHOT





November, 8th, 2016: OGEMA 2.1.0 has been released (download the updated demokit). Notable changes:

  • New driver: Homematic XML-RPC (old Homematic driver is obsolete due to config stick not being available any more)
  • Remote-REST connector: a driver to exchange data between different OGEMA gateways, via the REST interface.
  • Openweathermap connector: allows the import of weather forecast data from
  • Channel manager (low-level driver interface) API adapted
  • ResourcePattern access extended with methods to track individual pattern matches, and value and structure changes.

For a detailed list of changes see the Release notes.

September, 12th, 2016: Pre-release OGEMA 2.1.0-alpha-20160912 available. Due to some API-modifications (changes in ChannelManager and InstallationManagement; new interface CredentialsStore, plus a new ResourceTransaction, making the old Transaction obsolete), we will tag the next release as a major one, and increase the version to 2.1.0. New tools: a driver that connects to other OGEMA gateways via their REST interface (remote-rest-connector), an OpenWeatherMap connector.

July, 6th, 2016: Pre-release OGEMA 2.0.5-alpha-20160701 available. New features of 2.0.5 that have been implemented already include the extended administration interface, which allows the registration of app listeners and provides debugging possibilities for the pattern access. A new tool app, called pattern-debugger, provides a graphical user interface for the latter.

November, 27th, 2015: OGEMA 2.0.4 has been released, including among others two new drivers (ZWave and IEC 62056p21), a user interface for app de/installation and permission handling (app security-gui), a schedule visualization tool, and several bugfixes. See Release notes for details.

October, 22nd, 2015:  The next meeting of the OGEMA 2.0 Industrial Working Group will take place on November, 3rd, 2015 in Kassel.

May, 27th, 2015: OGEMA 2.0.3 released

April, 16th, 2015:  OGEMA 2.0.2 has been released. Download from Notable changes with respect to version 2.0.1:

  • Several bugfixes
  • New utility apps: Resource manipulators. The resource manipulators can be used to simplify frequent tasks, like adding two time series (Schedules)
  • Improved Log data visualization, based on the Grafana framework (

  • A basic switch app, which allows to manually switch all connected on-off devices, as well as multi-state devices

  • Minor changes in the data model

March, 27th, 2015: On the embedded world 2015 Fraunhofer IIS presented an energy management system based on OGEMA 2.0. We explained how easy it is to implement different components for the Smart Home in one system, in order to monitor each room and optimize your room climate, lights and electronic products.

March, 13th, 2015: New development tag: Updated bundles on artifactory (2.0.2-alpha-20150313, several bugfixes)

December, 17th, 2014: New development tag: Updated bundles on artifactory (2.0.2-alpha20141217, bugfix in ResourceList)

December, 9th, 2014: OGEMA 2.0.1 has been released as the first Open Source releanse in the OGEMA-2 series. The code is available under GPL v3 from http//

November, 11th, 2014: OGEMA 2.0.0 has been finished. The release shall be presented at the next meeting of the Industrial Working Group

November, 4th, 2014: The Industrial Working Group meeting in Kassel has been rescheduled to December, 9th, 2014.

October, 1st, 2014: The next meeting of the OGEMA 2.0 Industrial Working Group in Kassel is scheduled to take place at November, 11th, 2014.

September 12th, 2014: Participants of today's OGEMA training ("thermal energy management in a Smart Grid") can use the following deep link to directly arrive at the training page: Training Scenario PV-Grid-Heating (in restricted area)

September 3rd, 2014: The recently-finished European research project BEAMS created an OGEMA-based energy managment framework for large facilities (press release (German)).

July 28th, 2014: Since beginning of July, an OGEMA 1.1 based energy management system is being field tested at the Hessian Agricultural Center Eichhof. The system controls several electric loads at the premises and proposes optimal load switch-on times to the employees. Up-to-date load measurements can be viewed here (only in German, though).

July, 8th, 2014: New tag 2.0-alpha-20140708. Most important updates are a refactoring of the core package names and Maven coordinates, a tool-package for using Schedules and an experimental support for Security. Next release will contain virtual resources. Projects not wanting to adapt to virtual resources should use this tag.

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