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Welcome to the Ogema Wiki, a wiki dedicated to OGEMA. At the moment, this wiki contains

Source Code, Specification and Documentation

The OGEMA specification (as Javadoc) for the current release can be found under

A documentation of the main OGEMA concepts and components can be found here. It is also included in the form of PDF files in the DemoKit.

Source Code


The source code for the current release can be downloaded from the SVN repository (with username/password guest/guest - as explained in the installation guide).

OGEMA Demonstrators

Two demonstrator setups of a running OGEMA system have been released for public so far, both footing on the OGEMA-1 version series:

  • The OGEMA Demonstrator "Demokit" can be found and downloaded here.
  • The OGEMA Demonstrator "Messedemo" (screenshot right) can be found and downloaded here.



Latest Release1.2
Latest Tag2.0-alpha-20140708
Development Version2.0-SNAPSHOT




OGEMA 2.0 Demo at HMI 2014 

July, 8th, 2104: New tag 2.0-alpha-20140708. Most important updates are a refactoring of the core package names and Maven coordinates, a tool-package for using Schedules and an experimental support for Security. Next release will contain virtual resources. Projects not wanting to adapt to virtual resources should use this tag.

May, 12th, 2014: A new tag 2.0-alpha-20140512 for OGEMA 2.0 has been created, fixing a synchronization bug that caused timer tasks not to be executed sometimes (on Mac).

Mai, 7th, 2014: An non-public alpha version of OGEMA 2.0 is available (version 2.0-alpha-20140507). The alpha is available for project partners of Fraunhofer IIS, ISE or IWES that are involved in programming for OGEMA 2.0 and to members of the OGEMA Alliance.

April, 29th, 2014: The 5th meeting of the OGEMA 2.0 Industrial Working Group took place in Kassel.


April, 7th, 2014: An energy management scenario simulation running on OGEMA 2.0 is presented at HMI 2014.

January, 28th, 2014: The first public presentation of a working OGEMA 2.0 system will take place at the Embedded World exhibition (

October, 29th, 2013: A first working demo of OGEMA 2.0 has been presented at the 4th meeting of the Industrial Working Group. Work on OGEMA 1.x will be discontinued. Next release will be OGEMA 2.0.

May, 10th, 2013: OGEMA-1.1.1 has been released on SVN.

Jan, 25th, 2013: The OGEMA 1.1 Demokit has been released (download here)



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