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First, download the OGEMA demokit (~45MB) and extract the zip file. The demokit contains Linux (start_security.sh) and Windows (start_security.cmd) shell scripts for launching the OGEMA framework and the included applications. Java is required to run the demokit, see System requirements for installation instructions. Running one of the start scripts should then display the OGEMA OSGi console:

The framework console (Felix Gogo, hardware not included)

Once the framework is up and running, the web front end should be available on https://localhost:8443/ogema/index.html:

OGEMA web front end login

Login with user name and password "master". Then the OGEMA start page should appear:

A clean shutdown of OGEMA is currently only possible via the OSGi console, type 'stop 0' and press enter to stop the framework.

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