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Package org.ogema.model.prototypes

Most basic data models.

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Package org.ogema.model.prototypes Description

Most basic data models. Prototypes should not be used as actual resource types. Instead, all non-prototype data models inherit from a prototypes (note that this does not conflict with prototypes having non-prototype sub-resources). There are three prototypes that are defined:
PhysicalElement is the prototype for anything that is, or could sensibly be, a physical object. Most notably this includes devices and Sensors.
A Connection connects two physical objects with a third physical object, usually a device related to energy management, possibly operating on the connection. In the easiest case they are just informal relations between objects, but connections with actual relevant properties of themselves have also been defined. An example is a ThermalConnection between the outside of a building and a heating circuit, where a heat pump is the device that operates on this connection by actively transporting heat through it.
Data is a generic prototype for any type of information that is not, or cannot sensibly be, a physical object and is not a connection.
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