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efficiency() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.GenericEnergyGenerator
Conversion efficiency: output energy divided by input energy
ElectricCurrentRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.ranges
ElectricCurrentResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.units
Resource representing an electric current physical value.
ElectricCurrentSensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
GenericFloatSensor for an electric current
ElectricCurrentTargetRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.targetranges
ElectricDimmer - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology
Electrical dimmer device.
ElectricEnergyRequest - Interface in org.ogema.model.smartgriddata
Energy request that relates to electrical energy.
ElectricEnergySensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
Sensor for accumulated electrical energy.
ElectricFrequencySensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
GenericFloatSensor for the frequency of alternating current
ElectricHeater - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.generators
This interface represents a device that transfers electricity to thermal energy, such as a heat rod.
ElectricityChargingStation - Interface in
Describes a stationary charging station, such as a charging point for an electric vehicle.
ElectricityCircuit - Interface in org.ogema.model.connections
Information on an electricity circuit.
ElectricityCircuitBreaker - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.connectiondevices
Electrical circuit breaker.
ElectricityConnection - Interface in org.ogema.model.connections
Electric connection of a device.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology.ElectricLight
Electrical connection
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology.MechanicalFan
electrical connection and measurement
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.ElectricHeater
Electrical connection that delivers the input power.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.ElectricityGenerator
Electricity connection that this device is connected to.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.HeatPump
Electricity connection for electric heat pumps.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.sensoractordevices.SensorDevice
Electricity connection in case the device is connected to an electricity circuit.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.sensoractordevices.SingleSwitchBox
Electric connection that the plug operates on (contains also sensors)
electricityConnection() - Method in interface
Electrical connection of the individual charging point.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface
Electrical connection of the charging station to the grid.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface
Electrical connection of the storage.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.CookingPlate
Electrical connection and measurement
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.CoolingDevice
Electrical connection and measurement
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.DishWasher
Electrical connection and measurement
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.FreezeCombi
Electrical electricityConnection and measurement.
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.Hob
Electrical connection and measurement
electricityConnection() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.WashingMachine
Electrical connection and measurement
ElectricityConnectionBox - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.connectiondevices
Electrical connection point as physical element including relevant installation cabinet
electricityConnectionBox() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.Building
Electrical connection cabinet for entire building (including distribution cabinet towards building property units if applicable)
electricityConnectionBox() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.BuildingPropertyUnit
Electrical connection cabinet of property unit including (sub-)distribution cabinet providing the different electrical circuits of the property units
electricityGenerator() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.CombinedHeatAndPowerGenerator
Electrical generator
ElectricityGenerator - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.generators
Base class for an energy generating device or information about a device's energy generation part.
ElectricityMeter - Interface in org.ogema.model.metering
Meter for electricity (electric power and possibly accumulated energy).
ElectricityPrice - Interface in org.ogema.model.smartgriddata
Electricity price.
electricityStorage() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.sensoractordevices.SensorDevice
Battery for a sensor device operating on batteries.
ElectricityStorage - Interface in
Storage unit for electrical energy, such as a battery.
ElectricLight - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology
Electric light
electricPowerFunction() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.actors.MultiSwitch
Net electrical power of the device as a function of the MultiSwitch.stateControl().
ElectricPowerSensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
Electrical active power sensor.
ElectricResistanceResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.units
Resource representing an electric resistance physical value.
ElectricVehicle - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.vehicles
Electric vehicle (car, bus, bike, ...).
ElectricVoltageSensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
Voltage sensor
EMPTY_TIME_SERIES - Static variable in interface
An empty MemoryTimeSeries.
endTime() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.smartgriddata.GenericEnergyRequest
End time of the request (technically, first ms after the request end).
energy() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.metering.GasMeter
Consumed energy.
EnergyAccumulatedSensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
Sensor reading for time-integrated power (i.e.
EnergyPerAreaRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.ranges
EnergyPerAreaResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.units
Resource representing an areal energy density (i.e. energy per area).
EnergyPerAreaTargetRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.targetranges
energyPerVolume() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.metering.GasMeter
Conversion factor to calculate energy content of gas volume.
EnergyRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.ranges
energyReading() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.metering.ElectricityMeter
Energy readings of the meter.
energyReading() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.metering.HeatMeter
Energy readings of the meter.
energyRequest() - Method in interface
Energy request from the currently connected vehicle/battery.
energyRequests() - Method in interface
External energy requests, for instance from the grid operator, the balancing group manager, etc.
EnergyResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.units
Resource representing an energy physical value.
energySensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.connections.ElectricityConnection
Sensor for accumulated energy (reading of power sensor integrated since EnergyAccumulatedSensor.startTime()).
energySensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.connections.ThermalBridge
Sensor for accumulated thermal energy.
energySensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.connections.ThermalConnection
Sensor for accumulated thermal energy.
EnergyStorage - Interface in
Base class for an energy storage.
EnergyTargetRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.targetranges
enforceProgram(ValueResource, long, AccessPriority) - Method in interface
Configures enforcing the program.
enforceProgram(ValueResource, long) - Method in interface
Enforces the program for the target resource, but does not request an exclusive write access.
entries() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.time.Calendar
Calendar entries
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.driverspi.ChannelLocator
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.driverspi.DeviceLocator
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.BooleanValue
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.DoubleValue
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.FloatValue
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.IntegerValue
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.LongValue
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.SampledValue
Checks equality with another object.
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.StringValue
equals(Object) - Method in class org.ogema.core.resourcemanager.pattern.ResourcePattern
Two pattern instances of the same class are equal if their demanded models share the same location.
equals(Object) - Method in class
equalsLocation(Resource) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.model.Resource
Tests if two resource objects refer to the same OGEMA resource, irrespective of the path used to arrive at the resource.
equalsPath(Resource) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.model.Resource
Tests if two Resource objects refer to the same OGEMA resource and are addressed via the same path, which is the same as using the default equals method.
EventType - Enum in org.ogema.core.channelmanager
ExceptionListener - Interface in org.ogema.core.application
Defines a listener that is informed whenever an exception is reported to the application.
ExceptionListener - Interface in org.ogema.core.channelmanager.driverspi
Monitor Exception
exceptionOccured(Throwable) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.application.ExceptionListener
Notification to application on a framework exception.
exceptionOccured(Exception) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.channelmanager.driverspi.ChannelUpdateListener
exceptionOccured(Exception) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.channelmanager.driverspi.ExceptionListener
EXECUTION_TIME_CHANGED_PROPERTY - Static variable in interface org.ogema.core.administration.FrameworkClock
exists() - Method in interface org.ogema.core.administration.PatternCondition
exists() - Method in interface org.ogema.core.model.Resource
Returns true if the resource exists.
exists(Resource) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.resourcemanager.transaction.ResourceTransaction
exists() - Method in class
Checks if this interval actually exists.
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