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battery() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.actors.RemoteControl
battery() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology.Thermostat
Battery of the device.
battery() - Method in interface
The battery currently connected to this charging point.
battery() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.vehicles.ElectricVehicle
Battery built into the vehicle.
battery() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.sensors.Sensor
The battery status is available in the subresource battery/chargeSensor/reading.
battery() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.sensors.WaterDetector
BilinearFloatAddition - Class in
Addition of two SampledValues of type FloatValue.
BilinearFloatAddition() - Constructor for class
BilinearSampledValueOperator - Interface in
An operation V x V -> V over SampledValues V that is linear in both arguments.
BiliniearFloatMultiplication - Class in
Multiplication of two SampledValues of type FloatValue.
BiliniearFloatMultiplication() - Constructor for class
BinaryRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.ranges
Binary range that defines the values that a boolean value may take.
BinaryTargetRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.targetranges
Target range for boolean ranges.
Blind - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology
A window blind.
BooleanArrayResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.array
Resource type representing an array of boolean values.
BooleanResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.simple
Simple resource holding a boolean value.
BooleanValue - Class in org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements
A BooleanValue
BooleanValue(boolean) - Constructor for class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.BooleanValue
BrightnessRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.ranges
BrightnessResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.units
Resource representing light intensity.
BrightnessTargetRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.targetranges
build() - Method in class
Build the configuration
build() - Method in class
Create the multi time series based on the provided input data.
build() - Method in class
build() - Method in class
building() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.connectiondevices.GenericConnectionBox
Reference to building which the connection box connects a public grid to, if applicable
Building - Interface in org.ogema.model.locations
Definition of a single building.
BuildingPropertyUnit - Interface in org.ogema.model.locations
Property unit, for example a flat within a residential building or shop within a mall.
buildingPropertyUnits() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.Building
List of the building property units associated to this building.
Burner - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.generators
Heater burning some kind of fuel.
ByteArrayResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.array
Resource type representing an array of bytes.
ByteArrayValue - Class in org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements
A ByteArrayValue
ByteArrayValue(byte[]) - Constructor for class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.ByteArrayValue
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