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ObjectValue - Class in org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements
ObjectValue(Object) - Constructor for class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.ObjectValue
occupancySensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.Building
Occupancy sensor for the entire building.
occupancySensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.BuildingPropertyUnit
Sensor for presence of a person in this building property unit.
occupancySensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.Room
Room occupancy
occupancySensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.WorkPlace
Occupancy of work place (usually only status is relevant).
OccupancySensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
Occupancy sensor
offset() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.communication.ModbusCommunicationInformation
Offset for interpretation of numerical values (for Modbus readings: physical value = factor * received value + offset)
OgemaLogger - Interface in org.ogema.core.logging
The default OGEMA logger, extending org.slf4j.Logger.
ONE - Static variable in class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.IntegerValue
OnOffSwitch - Interface in org.ogema.model.actors
Generic binary (on/off) switch.
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology.ElectricDimmer
To switch dimmer on and off (not the device controlled by the dimmer, which should have its own switch).
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology.ElectricLight
Switch to control when the light is on or off
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology.MechanicalFan
Switch to control when the air conditioning draws electrical power to generate cold
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.CombinedHeatAndPowerGenerator
On/off switch for the whole device.
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.GenericEnergyGenerator
On/off Switch
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.sensoractordevices.SensorDevice
On/off switch of the device, in case it can be turned off.
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.sensoractordevices.SingleSwitchBox
On/off switch.
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.CoolingDevice
Switch to control when the device draws electrical power to generate cold.
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.DishWasher
Switch to control when the device draws electrical power to wash.
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.FreezeCombi
Switch to control when the device draws electrical power to generate cold.
onOffSwitch() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.WashingMachine
Switch to control when the device draws electrical power to wash.
OpaqueResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.simple
Use ByteArrayResource, instead.
optimizeRepresentation() - Method in interface
Try to optimize this representation of a function while leaving the function that is represented unchanged.
optimizeRepresentation() - Method in class
org.ogema.core.administration - package org.ogema.core.administration
Access methods to the framework that are relevant and accessible only to administration applications.
org.ogema.core.application - package org.ogema.core.application
Generic information and tools relevant to an application that do not fit in a more specialized category.
org.ogema.core.channelmanager - package org.ogema.core.channelmanager
The API of the channel manager.
org.ogema.core.channelmanager.driverspi - package org.ogema.core.channelmanager.driverspi
The driver SPI of the channel manager is the plug-in interface for low-level drivers.
org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements - package org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements
Definitions for the different value types that can be passed via the OGEMA ChannelManager and used in TimeSeries.
org.ogema.core.hardwaremanager - package org.ogema.core.hardwaremanager
The HardwareManager is responsible to manage a list of currently available hardware.
org.ogema.core.installationmanager - package org.ogema.core.installationmanager
This package contains interface that maintain the installation of OGEMA applications.
org.ogema.core.logging - package org.ogema.core.logging
Definition of the OGEMA text logging capabilities, which are employed using an OgemaLogger.
org.ogema.core.model - package org.ogema.core.model
Definition a key element of the OGEMA framework, the Resource interface.
org.ogema.core.model.array - package org.ogema.core.model.array
Definition of the array-type resources.
org.ogema.core.model.schedule - package org.ogema.core.model.schedule
Defininition of schedules, which are TimeSeries-valued resources.
org.ogema.core.model.simple - package org.ogema.core.model.simple
Definition of the simple resources that contain only a single entry (in contrast to their array-counterparts and schedules).
org.ogema.core.model.units - package org.ogema.core.model.units
Definition of FloatResource specializations that represent a physical property.
org.ogema.core.recordeddata - package org.ogema.core.recordeddata
Definition of the framework data-logging capabilities.
org.ogema.core.resourcemanager - package org.ogema.core.resourcemanager
Defines the "basic access" to resources.
org.ogema.core.resourcemanager.pattern - package org.ogema.core.resourcemanager.pattern
Definitions of the pattern access to resources.
org.ogema.core.resourcemanager.transaction - package org.ogema.core.resourcemanager.transaction
Definition of resource transactions, i.e. composite operations on the resource graph which are executed in a single transaction. - package
Provides the interfaces to manage the policies of access control in OGEMA framework.
org.ogema.core.timeseries - package org.ogema.core.timeseries
Definition of TimeSeries, which are functions over time. - package
Definition of unsorted tools available to OGEMA applications, drivers and possibly the implementation of the OGEMA API itself.
org.ogema.model.actors - package org.ogema.model.actors
Actor devices, i.e. switches.
org.ogema.model.communication - package org.ogema.model.communication
Information on how devices interact with the gateway.
org.ogema.model.connections - package org.ogema.model.connections
Variety of physically different connections between physical elements as well as the definition of generic nodes between the connections.
org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology - package org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology
Devices and technology commonly used in building automation.
org.ogema.model.devices.connectiondevices - package org.ogema.model.devices.connectiondevices
Devices operating on a connection and installation boxes defining connection points.
org.ogema.model.devices.generators - package org.ogema.model.devices.generators
Definition of energy generator devices and sub-devices.
org.ogema.model.devices.profiles - package org.ogema.model.devices.profiles
Models for profile information, such as consumption patterns of electrical devices.
org.ogema.model.devices.sensoractordevices - package org.ogema.model.devices.sensoractordevices
Models for sensor and actor devices that do not fit in the sensor or actor package. - package
Energy storage devices and tightly related devices.
org.ogema.model.devices.vehicles - package org.ogema.model.devices.vehicles
Vehicles such as cars, busses.
org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods - package org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods
Definition of white goods.
org.ogema.model.functions - package org.ogema.model.functions
Functions are the equivalent to schedules, except that their domain is not limited to times.
org.ogema.model.locations - package org.ogema.model.locations
Different places and locations, which are special cases of PhysicalElements.
org.ogema.model.metering - package org.ogema.model.metering
Metering devices and information.
org.ogema.model.prototypes - package org.ogema.model.prototypes
Most basic data models.
org.ogema.model.ranges - package org.ogema.model.ranges
Specializations of the Range prototype for all the basic data types defined in the OGEMA API.
org.ogema.model.sensors - package org.ogema.model.sensors
Measurement sensors that are employed whenever a physical quantity is to be measured.
org.ogema.model.smartgriddata - package org.ogema.model.smartgriddata
Information related to smart grids or smart micro-grids.
org.ogema.model.stakeholders - package org.ogema.model.stakeholders
Persons, legal entities and information related to them.
org.ogema.model.targetranges - package org.ogema.model.targetranges
All possible specializations of the TargetRange prototype.
org.ogema.model.time - package org.ogema.model.time
Events in time and their management, such as meetings and calendars. - package
Utility listener interfaces. - package
Memory time series tools. - package
This package defines interfaces used for traversing a resource tree or resource patterns. - package
Definition of the possible manipulator rules and their configuration interfaces. - package - package - package
Tools for algebraic operations on time series, such as adding or multiplying two time series. - package
Definition of basic memory time series. - package
Implementations of memory time series. - package
Implementation of interpolation functions. - package
orientable() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.WindPlant
Indicates if the turbines in the plant can be oriented in the wind direction or are static in one direction.
orientation() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.generators.WindPlant
Orientation of the turbines.
output() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.connections.CircuitConnection
"output" Element connected.
output() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.prototypes.Connection
"output" Element connected.
outputTemperature() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.connections.ThermalBridge
"Output" temperature.
outputTemperature() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.connections.ThermalConnection
"Output" temperature.
overwriteMaximumLogLevel(LogOutput, LogLevel) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.administration.AdminLogger
Overwrite application settings with administration settings.
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