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macAddress() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.communication.IPAddressV4
MAC address attached to the IPAddress (from the perspective of the gateway) may be added if known/relevant
manageSchedule(Schedule, NavigableMap<Long, TimeSeriesReduction>) - Method in interface
manageSchedule(Schedule, long, NavigableMap<Long, TimeSeriesReduction>) - Method in interface
ManipulatorConfiguration - Interface in
Base class for all manipulator configurations.
ManualSwitch - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology
A manual switch.
MassResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.units
Resource representing a mass physical value.
maximumCycles() - Method in interface
Estimated number of charge cycles before considerable loss of capacity occurs.
maxNrHistoricalValues() - Method in interface
The MultiIterator can keep track of historical values; this returns the maximum number of values stored
MechanicalFan - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology
Ventilator / mechanical fan
MemoryTimeSeries - Interface in
An object behaving like OGEMA schedules but that is not an OGEMA resource.
meter() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.Room
Reference to meter that measures devices within in the room.
meter() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.WorkPlace
Reference to meter that measures devices within in the workplace.
meterId() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.metering.GenericMeter
Unique meter identifier (usually provided by metering service provider)
mid() - Method in class
Gets the mid-point of this interval (rounded down).
ModbusAddress - Interface in org.ogema.model.communication
Modbus communication address
ModbusCommunicationInformation - Interface in org.ogema.model.communication
Communication information for a Modbus driver
model - Variable in class org.ogema.core.resourcemanager.pattern.ResourcePattern
The primary demand for the pattern.
ModelModifiers - Class in org.ogema.core.model
List of annotations used to describe the meaning and behavior of elements of resource types
ModelModifiers() - Constructor for class org.ogema.core.model.ModelModifiers
ModelModifiers.NonPersistent - Annotation Type in org.ogema.core.model
Only relevant to simple resources.
motionSensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.Room
Motion detector for entire room
MotionSensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
motion detector
MultiIterator<T extends java.lang.Comparable<T>> - Interface in
Wraps a set of iterators over elements of T.
multiplyBy(float) - Method in interface
Multiply all values by a constant factor.
multiplyBy(ReadOnlyTimeSeries) - Method in interface
Multiply by another time series (whose value type must be convertible to float)
multiplyBy(float) - Method in class
multiplyBy(ReadOnlyTimeSeries) - Method in class
MultiSwitch - Interface in org.ogema.model.actors
Generic Multi-step-switch.
MultiSwitchBox - Interface in org.ogema.model.devices.sensoractordevices
Device to be provided by hardware driver.
MultiTimeSeriesBuilder<N> - Class in
Create a time series that is composed of several other time series.
MultiTimeSeriesIterator - Interface in
MultiTimeSeriesIteratorBuilder - Class in
MultiTimeSeriesUtils - Class in
Provides methods that take a collection of time series as arguments (whose value types must be convertible to float), such as calculating the schedule of average values, the sum, etc.
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