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Language - Interface in org.ogema.model.stakeholders
Resource representing a language
lastStartTime() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.profiles.ProgramInformation
Last start time of the program
lastTimeReceive() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.communication.CommunicationInformation
Time when last message was received from device
lastTimeSend() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.communication.CommunicationInformation
Time when last message was sent to device
latitudeArcMinutes() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.GeographicLocation
latitude, minutes of arc unit: Minutes of Arc
latitudeFullDegrees() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.GeographicLocation
Latitude, full degrees
positive: north, negative: south
laundryRating() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.whitegoods.WashingMachine
Capacity of loading.
leakageOffCurrent() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.connectiondevices.ElectricityCircuitBreaker
leakageOffCurrent() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.connectiondevices.GenericCircuitBreaker
Leakage flow at which circuit breaker cuts circuit (only if circuit breaker is flow-based and if circuit breaker has a leakage detection functionality)
unit: depending on commodity
LegalEntity - Interface in org.ogema.model.stakeholders
Generic legal entity, including a person
length() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.PhysicalDimensions
Length or depth of the physical object
LengthResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.units
Resource representing a length or distance physical value.
light() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.WorkPlace
Light assigned to work place
lightSensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.Room
Average light available in the room
lightSensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.WorkPlace
Light available at work place
LightSensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
Light sensor measuring the brightness in terms of human perception.
LinearInterpolation - Class in
Linear interpolation between the points.
LinearInterpolation() - Constructor for class
LinearSampledValueOperator - Interface in
An linear operation SampledValue -> SampledValue.
LISTEN_FOR_UPDATE - Static variable in interface org.ogema.core.channelmanager.ChannelConfiguration
Channel manager should use driver in listening mode
listenChannels(List<SampledValueContainer>, ChannelUpdateListener) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.channelmanager.driverspi.ChannelDriver
Listen to channels who send data without request, but based on subscription.
ListenerUtils - Class in
Note: the ListenerUtils are still in experimental status.
littleEndianRegisterOrder() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.communication.ModbusAddress
Whereas bits inside a Modbus register are always BigEndian ordered, the order of the registers is not specified.
localCode() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.stakeholders.PhoneNumber
Local code including possibly the internal code
Location - Interface in org.ogema.model.locations
Defines information about the physical location of a device or a sensor reading.
location() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.prototypes.PhysicalElement
Physical position of device (geographic coordinates, Room in which the element is situated, mobile information.
location() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.time.CalendarEntry
Location of the event described by this calendar entry.
LoggerFactory - Interface in org.ogema.core.logging
LoggerFactory defines a central instance from which all OGEMA applications can obtain a logger for text logging.
LoggingUtils - Class in
This class provides convenience methods for logging configurations.
login(String, String) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.administration.CredentialStore
Log an user in credential store provider and check the authentication of the user specified with its gateway user name and gateway password.
LogLevel - Enum in org.ogema.core.logging
Possible log levels for logging with the OgemaLogger.
logout(String) - Method in interface org.ogema.core.administration.CredentialStore
Terminate a session previously started with login of the same user.
LogOutput - Enum in org.ogema.core.logging
Possible output targets for a log message.
longitudeArcMinutes() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.GeographicLocation
longitude, minutes of arc unit: Minutes of Arc
longitudeFullDegrees() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.locations.GeographicLocation
Longitude, full degrees
positive: east negative: west
longPress() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.actors.RemoteControl
When a button is pressed for a long time, the corresponding boolean subresource of this list shall be set to true for the duration during which the button is pressed, and then reset to false.
LongValue - Class in org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements
LongValue(long) - Constructor for class org.ogema.core.channelmanager.measurements.LongValue
lowerHalf() - Method in class
Returns a new interval which represents the lower half of this.
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.AngleRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.BinaryRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.BrightnessRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.ConcentrationRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.ElectricCurrentRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.EnergyPerAreaRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.EnergyRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.FlowRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.FrequencyRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.GenericFloatRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.IntegerRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.LuminousFluxRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.PowerRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.Range
Lower range threshold.
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.TemperatureRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.TimeRange
lower range threshold
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.VelocityRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.VoltageRange
lowerLimit() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.VolumeRange
lowerLimitIncluded() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.ranges.Range
If true the lower limit is considered part of the range, otherwise the lower limit value is considered outside the range.
LuminousFluxRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.ranges
LuminousFluxResource - Interface in org.ogema.core.model.units
Resource representing a light flow.
luminousFluxSensor() - Method in interface org.ogema.model.devices.buildingtechnology.ElectricLight
The lighting state.
LuminousFluxSensor - Interface in org.ogema.model.sensors
Light flow sensor.
LuminousFluxTargetRange - Interface in org.ogema.model.targetranges
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